Author: Renee Schmid, Former SPU Finance Director     

FACT CHECK: Bill Mars’ Facebook post regarding his request for SPU funds

Mayor Mars is fond of the word “fact,” but doesn’t state facts in his Facebook post. Here are the actual facts.

Fact: Elections are held in November of the year before the term begins.

In my October 16, 2020 post, It’s about the money. It’s always been about the money,”  I was referring to the meeting requested by Bill Mars that was held on August 26, 2015. It was held at the Shakopee Public Utilities offices with the utilities manager and me as the finance director. How could Bill Mars be mayor-elect in August of 2015 – elections are held in November 2015, and his term began January 1, 2016! And, yes, “the finance director” was there.

Fact: The meeting Mars referred to was the second meeting. I wrote about the first.

Mars did ask for $2 million as a donation from SPU to the city so he could use it in his campaign platform to “solve the community center issue.” By his own admission, he came back a second time at a later date and met with the utilities manager in another attempt with the $1.5 million request when he was mayor-elect. 

It was and still is about the money with Mayor Mars.

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