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But we are not done.

While Shakopee citizens overwhelmingly voted to keep an independent Shakopee Public Utilities Commission, the efforts to undermine it continue.

Here are just a few reasons why we plan to continue as Friends of SPUC.

  1. The City’s next steps
    There are at least two options for the City to continue to pursue dissolving SPUC even though Shakopee voters said they don’t want it dissolved:
    • Another referendum. A frequent political tactic is to continue to put referendums on ballots even after they fail – sometimes during “off” election years when voters may not be paying as much attention.
    • Removing the referendum requirement. Before the question was put on the ballot, legislation was introduced to remove the referendum requirement for dissolving SPUC. While the original author is no longer a legislator, it could be reintroduced. If it passes, they’ll be able to dissolve SPUC without your vote of approval. It would effectively silence Shakopee voters on the issue.
  2. A majority of detractors
    Three of the five sitting Commissioners actively support dissolving SPUC – and have supported it since before they began serving. They want to dismantle the very organization they asked to help run when they applied for the position.
  3. The best ones for the job
    Two Commission seats are up in March 2021. SPU needs people on the Commission who are actually interested in and qualified for helping run a utilities business.
  4. A short-staffed SPU
    There are key SPU staff positions, including the utilities manager and finance director, that need to be filled as soon as possible with the best people for the jobs. The voters made it clear that management and finances of SPU should NOT be turned over to the City. These positions need to be filled by outside utility professionals as soon as practical.
  5. A need for facts and balance
    Last, but not least, we believe that Shakopee ratepayers need facts – not propaganda – to facilitate decision making.

Was this the war?

It’s more likely the election was just the first battle. We’ve been asked to shut down, but…

We’re still here. We’re watching. And we’re growing in numbers.

Join us.

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