Author: Debra Amundson       

We are sincerely grateful to Shakopee citizens for their vote of confidence in defeating the referendum to abolish the Shakopee Public Utilities Commission. The voter turnout was exceptional this year. And Shakopee voters did their research and voted to keep the independent Commission.

Moving forward in a positive direction

For both Shakopee Public Utilities and the City, this has been a challenging election cycle. With the rejection of the referendum, we want to move forward to build a stronger working relationship between the two entities. To help facilitate this, an outside consultant may be needed.

One good thing to come of this is that the people of Shakopee gave Shakopee Public Utilities some valuable, constructive feedback. We heard about areas where we’re doing well, and we heard about areas where we can improve. Your comments as ratepayers represent a great opportunity for us to work to serve you better.

Next steps

There are some important steps we need to take as soon as possible. These include finding the right people to fill key positions at Shakopee Public Utilities so that we can continue to provide a high level of service, maintain fair rates, and award-winning water quality.

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